Pure hemp oil, safely grown and extracted, delivered to the front doorstep of Americans across all 50 states – a simple mission with a complex path to success.

The Beginning:

First distributed by HempMeds as their flagship brand, RSHO® was conceived as a way to bring the benefits of cannabinoids to the masses, the roots of our mission of “access for all”. With the cannabis plant under such tight DEA control and over half of all Americans cut off from medical marijuana programs, we were searching for a way to make cannabinoids available to everyone, regardless of where they happened to live.

The answer came in the form of hemp, a form of the cannabis family of plants. CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal to sell and ship throughout the U.S., provided the source hemp is cultivated in another country and imported into the U.S.

Once settling on hemp as the source of our cannabinoids, we began looking for the right region to grow our hemp. Knowing at the time that regulations ruled out farming our hemp domestically, we searched for a region where the political attitude and laws, soil makeup, and environmental factors met our needs. It was in Northern Europe that we found the ideal conditions and the 750 family farm collective that would cultivate and harvest our hemp.

After discovering the perfect location for our hemp farms, we needed to find the hemp seeds we would grow. From among the over 3000 cultivars we tested, we narrowed it down to one – one seed that would thrive in the soil and climate of our farms and produce the ideal ratio of CBD to THC. It was with this one seed that we would create our CBD oil pipeline, bringing our hemp oil supplements to the world.

Good health starts with purity in what we put in our body. Focusing on foods high in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutritional ingredients and avoiding chemical additives helps the body maintain a healthy balance. With this in mind, Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) CBD hemp oil products are made with all-natural ingredients like pure extracted hemp oil to promote homeostasis and support modern diets often lacking in many of the nutrients present in the hemp plant.

The Mission:

Pure hemp oil, safely grown and extracted, delivered to the front doorstep of Americans across the United States – a simple mission with a complex path to success. RSHO® embodies HempMeds®’s mission of promoting purity in hemp oil by providing products free from gimmicks and excessive additives or processing. RSHO® delivers unflavored, pure hemp oil products that can be used by everyone, regardless of where they live, to promote balanced living. 

After opening the U.S. market and shipping CBD hemp oil to over 40 countries internationally, HempMeds® set their sights on Latin America, a region long opposed to any form of cannabis legalization.

Change first came to Brazil, where the family of a little girl, fought for the right to import RSHO® into the country for their daughter. After taking the case to the nation’s courts, it was declared “inhumane” to keep hemp oil from the girl, and HempMeds® began shipping RSHO® directly to patients in Brazil, where it is wholly subsidized through the nation’s healthcare as a prescription medication. We have created a local branch, HempMeds® Brasil, to specialize in helping patients in Brazil navigate the approval process.

Shortly after Brazil’s acceptance of CBD hemp oil, a similar storyline would unfold in Mexico. Raul Elizalde discovered CBD hemp oil after conducting research research. Determined to import hemp oil into the country for his daughter Grace, Raul created the Por Grace Foundation and teamed with HempMeds® to raise awareness in the country for CBD hemp oil. After Raul petitioned the Mexican government to import hemp oil for Grace, the nation’s health authority, COFEPRIS, approved the use of CBD under the condition that it contained no THC. To meet Mexico’s requirements, HempMeds® created our THC-free RSHO-X®. HempMeds® Mexico now acts to assist qualified patients in Mexico gain access to CBD.

Bringing unadulterated hemp oil to the masses to encourage healthy living and homeostasis within the body continues to be the core mission of the HempMeds® team, and we work to raise awareness for CBD in all things we do to achieve our singular goal of “access for all”.

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