Leading the Hemp CBD Oil Industry

RSHO Product Safety and Quality

Producing a consistent product is a unique challenge in the natural product world, and is the primary struggle throughout the cannabis industry. Thanks to our rigorous lab testing and proprietary technology, we are able to produce consistent whole food source products for exacting standards.

Our quality standards lead the industry. We test and analyze our products from seed to shelf, ensuring that every natural product we offer is free of contaminants and of the highest quality possible. Our quality guarantee means: Rigorous testing for high Hemp Stalk Oil levels, NO genetically modified ingredients, NO pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers

3rd Party Testing
RSHO has always been an industry leader in product safety and quality. We continuously test all our products with one of the top cannabis testing laboratories, Pro Verde Laboratories, to ensure our consumers get the levels of natural constituents they expect from the quality hemp stalk oil they purchase. Additionally, all our products are tested for safety, to ensure there are no solvents, heavy metals or other potentially harmful materials in our oil.